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Test for stabilizer levels

Check Your Stabilizer Levels with This Simple Test

Testing the stabilizer levels in your pool is an essential step in maintaining the proper chemical balance. Stabilizer, also known as cyanuric acid, is a chemical that helps prevent chlorine from being broken down by the sun's UV rays. Without enough stabilizer, your chlorine levels will quickly drop, leaving your pool vulnerable to bacteria and algae growth. Here are the steps to test for stabilizer levels in your pool:

Step 1: Collect a water sample
Using a clean plastic container, collect a water sample from about elbow-deep in your pool. Be sure to fill the container to the designated line.

Step 2: Add the stabilizer reagent
Using the provided dropper, add the stabilizer reagent to the water sample. Be sure to follow the instructions on the reagent bottle for the correct amount.

Step 3: Mix the sample
Gently swirl the container to mix the water and reagent thoroughly.

Step 4: Check the stabilizer level
Using the provided test strip or comparator, compare the color of the water sample to the chart provided. The color will indicate the level of stabilizer in your pool.

Step 5: Adjust the stabilizer level
If the stabilizer level is too low, add stabilizer to your pool according to the manufacturer's instructions. If the stabilizer level is too high, you will need to partially drain and refill your pool to dilute the stabilizer level.

Step 6: Retest
After adjusting the stabilizer level, wait a few days and retest to ensure that the level is within the recommended range.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your pool's stabilizer levels are properly balanced, keeping your pool clean and safe for swimming.

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