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PoolMaster 150-Strip Water Test Kit

Keep Your Pool Crystal Clear with EASYTEST 7-Way Pool Test Strips - Accurate Testing for Bromine, Alkalinity, pH, Chlorine, Hardness, Cyanuric Acid and More - 150 Strips for Hot Tubs and Spas!

- Easy to use: The EASYTEST 7-Way Pool Test Strips are incredibly easy to use, making them ideal for both novice and experienced hot tub or spa owners. Simply dip the strip into the water and compare the colors to the chart provided to get your results.
- Large quantity: With 150 test strips included in each pack, you'll have plenty of tests to last you for several months. T

Introducing the EASYTEST 7-Way Pool Test Strips, the perfect solution for maintaining your hot tub and spa. With 150 strips included, you'll have plenty to last you through multiple seasons. These test strips are designed to accurately test for seven essential water chemical levels, including bromine, total alkalinity, pH, free chlorine, total hardness, cyanuric acid, and total chlorine. The easy-to-read color chart makes it simple to interpret your results and adjust your water chemistry accordingly. These strips are suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater systems, making them a versatile choice for any pool or spa owner. Keep your water clean and balanced with the EASYTEST 7-Way Pool Test Strips.