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Pool Test Kit 6-in-1: Water Chemical Tester with 100 Tests

Get Crystal Clear Water with HTH Pool Care 6-Way Test Kit - Accurate Results for a Safe and Refreshing Swim!

- Cost-Effective: With 100 tests included in the kit, the HTH Pool Care 6-Way Test Kit is a cost-effective solution for testing pool water chemistry. You don't have to keep buying new test kits every time you need to test your pool water.
- Helps Maintain Pool Health: Regular use of the HTH Pool Care 6-Way Test Kit can help you maintain the health of your pool. By testing the chemical levels regularly, you can identify any imbalances and take corrective action before they cause bigger

The HTH Pool Care 6-Way Test Kit is a must-have for any swimming pool owner. With the ability to test for six different chemical levels in your pool water, you can ensure that your pool is clean and safe for swimmers. The kit includes 100 tests, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to check your water quality throughout the season. The easy-to-read color-coded results make it simple to determine if any adjustments need to be made to your pool's chemical levels. This test kit is suitable for use in both above-ground and in-ground pools. Keep your pool sparkling clean and healthy for your family and friends with the HTH Pool Care 6-Way Test Kit.